Sunday, February 5, 2012

Days 3 & 4 ~ Baby Tab Blanket

Day 3 ~
We are getting down to crunch time before EliseNicole and I leave for San Diego for go put this precious baby's room together.  So excited, so much to do, so much to pack and ship, so much laundry to do before we leave...  Just a tad overwhelming.  

 Love this Indian influenced fabric and hand picked ribbons!

This day I devoted my meditation completely to my daughter and our grand daughter due in May!  Sewing this Tab Baby Blanket (you can find the instructions HERE), making 6 different quiches (thank you Melissa!), 36 Lemon Curd filled cupcakes and a bazillion blueberry and lemon poppy seed muffins all for her baby shower.  You can find the quiche recipes on my other blog The Chef In My Head. 

One trillion pins, just go ahead and count them.

Any-who, it was a great day.  It appears when you devote yourself to someone else and their happiness (my gift), that your legs and feet don't hurt quite so much from standing on tile for hours (God bless my Gelpro Mat).  Seriously, taking the focus off of yourself and putting the focus entirely on someone else makes a huge difference.

Day 4 ~ Also my birthday!

When we were originally looking at the calendar months ago and choosing a date for EliseNicole's shower, when asked, I deliberately aimed for my birthday.  I wanted the focus off of me and it was a perfect opportunity to shamelessly use my daughter for that purpose.  I recognize this now as a symptom of something else larger I really need to work on.  It now appears blindingly clear that when you set your heart to give, the Universe conspires to give back to you whether you are prepared for it or not.

Miss Jane's beautiful home

Dear friends of ours (a mother and her daughter) gave EliseNicole a beautiful baby shower.  Miss Jane's home was lovely, full of light and beautiful colors chosen just for EliseNicole.  Her daughter was the angel that helped me with the preparation for the quiches to be served.   They both worked so hard with all the preparations and it was absolutely perfect!

Terrible pic of amazing avocado, gruyere cheese,
spinach, goat cheese quiche

Lemon Curd filled cupcakes with lemon cream cheese frosting

Blueberry and Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins

EliseNicole's baby shower was perfect!  So many loving family and friends came to share a day celebrating this "little tiny baby's" arrival!

Beautiful new Mommy!

Precious china antique baby with tiny crocheted layette

This baby girl is starting off her fabulous shoe collection right!
She doesn't know it yet, but she comes from
a long family history of shoe loving girls!

Thank you again to all of the special people in our lives, you are a gift to us each day!

Namaste ~ LeslieMichele