Thursday, February 2, 2012

29 gifts ~ Day 2 Turning Frowns Upside-Down

Yucky weather!

Today was a lovely day, well technically it was gray, drizzly and dreary weather. But I spent the day with my darling wonderful husband, don't gag.  If you know him, then you understand.  He really is wonderful.  He's always happy, cheerful and has a sunny disposition, okay now I want to gag a little, but today was a bit different.  He hasn't been feeling well, he had surgery #18 (this time it was kidney stones), hasn't been sleeping well, etc. so he was just not himself.  I, on the other hand, am so cheerful I probably want to make him gag.

We had errands to run (in circles), his Dr.'s appointment, and lunch for my birthday (no not today, it's not until Saturday).  Jess was not going to be in a funk for long, I was wearing him down and by 2 O'clock this afternoon he was cutting up, being silly, flirting with me and back to his normal self.  Yeah, gimmie a high five!!

But this morning I was a little worried, things were all out of sorts for me.  My morning meditation was interrupted not once, not twice, but three separate times.  I almost gave up.  That is my special time, it sets things in motion for me to live my day by intention ~ not by habit.  Basically, I'd have to be bleeding or dying to keep me from it.  Notice I said "I", not you.  Priorities and all.  Today I dedicated my meditation to all of the lives I would encounter today.  Good thing too, because there were some seriously grumpy people out there and some crazy ass drivers too.  Happily, without exception, every grumpy person I met today, I made them smile and cheer up.  Side note:  You, missy, at Hobby Lobby were extra challenging, but I got you too!

My gift was to be a bright spot in this dreary weather day, mission accomplished.

Look what's popping up in my courtyard!

Be the sunshine ~ Namaste