Sunday, June 9, 2013

Lavender and Luckenbach

Beautiful Texas Lavender

Today was a perfect day!  Beautiful skies full of big fluffy white clouds turning to thunderclouds and the glorious smell of rain off and on throughout the day.  Put the top down on the car, up again, down again, up again.  Sounds bad...far from it.  It really was perfect.  Finally after years of poor planning, I and a sweet friend of mine made it to the Blanco Lavender Festival.  EVERYTHING smells good there!  We just loved all of the vendors that take such pride in their homemade soaps, lotions, sprays, candles; you name it.  After a bit of roaming around smelling and touching everything and about a thousand "Oh look at this", we decided to run up the road a bit and actually go to a couple of the lavender farms.

Road to lavender fields

Lavender Fields

Mmmmm, smells amazing!!

 I want one of EVERYTHING!!!

In addition to the beautiful lavender there was a gorgeous peach orchard on the same property.  June is beginning of peach season here in Texas.  With all of the rain this spring, along with all of the beautiful wildflowers, we are due to have incredible peach crops!  I can't wait to start making peach preserves.  Peach with Pecans, Peach with Amaretto, Peach with Contreau, Peach with anything!!

These trees are loaded with peaches!!!

On a whim, we headed off to a favorite spot to have a few ice cold beers.  Just west of Blanco is the world famous Luckenbach Texas. At Luckenbach you will always find a "picker's circle"!  Folks just show up with whatever instrument they play, sit in a circle and play whatever music strikes their fancy. Today was a collection of many guitars, banjos, violins, a mandolin and believe it or not, a cello! It's an incredible experience where everyone is friends and you never know who you're going to meet and what part of the world they are from.  Pretty unique and very cool.  

About 25 pickers today!

Each one takes turns playing his or her own song, most of them originals.  Everyone else chimes in singing learning the words as they go and playing their instruments along with the star of the circle.  If you've got an instrument, just show up sit down and join in.  You will find yourself shocked and very impressed by the amount of talent!

Texas is awesome!!  It's no wonder there are so many people that move here so they can call it home too!