Saturday, June 8, 2013

Color Filled World

Hello my name is Leslie and I AM a Pinterest stalker.  There, fine, I said it.  It is not an addiction I plan to seek help for.  How could I?  I get awesome ideas from there.  Well I think they are awesome and my husband is pretty tolerant, most of the time.  This one he really likes!  Duh, it's pretty cool, who wouldn't?

So here's the scoop....  I just happened to have a whole bunch of crayons sitting in a box and some canvases  I haven't used (other Pinterest ideas that maybe didn't work out so great).  I ordered a heat gun on Amazon!  Love it, and of course I assured my husband that it could be used for many other things. Right now I can't remember what they were, but hey we're prepared!  Got out ye old blow dryer, Exacto knives and covered my table with the roll of Christmas paper that if I have to look at one more get it.

I used the knives to cut a slit in the paper around the crayons to remove it because I'm not looking to start a fire.  Put all the groups of colors together blues, greens, reds, etc.  As a side note; it gets a little warm in the area, don't set your crayons to close to your project.  

For the moment of truth.  I just started melting the colors over the canvas.  My original plan was to have a splatter effect but I was having too much fun making puddles, and then making them slide on the canvas!  I alternated back and forth between the blow dryer and the heat gun for different results.

One is never enough!
I like it better this direction

I've started a couple of others, but I'm still playing with them.  Here is a preview.

I think I see a whale in there!

Have a colofilled day!!