Monday, April 30, 2012

So who do you think you are.....

Hank thinks he's a turtle

I am my soul in a body. What I mean by that is, I believe we are souls in this particular body for this time.  Well that's just real interesting what, you say?  Maybe think of this for a bit.  We are always so busy trying to find the next greatest thing.  New car, bigger house, just the right shoes, the best whatever (insert your thing here).  Our souls are just about love.  Just love.  Nothing else.  Just love

Try this for a day, and see if you still feel you need all those "things".  Really, what the heck, you've got NOTHING to lose.  Instead of getting mad at the other driver that is determined to take your life with his, he may have just received an urgent call about a loved one in distress, you don't know~ send him love.  The grumpy waitress at lunch, give her love; really look at her heart and hold it in yours.  Is that career her life's desire or is she working to send her child to college to have a better life than her own, you don't know ~ send her love.  The guy at the convenience store, send him love, the poor guy has to listen to people gripe about gas prices all day which clearly he has no control over.  He's in a job that he could be in fear of being held up at gun point at any time, you don't know ~ send him love. Leave a surprise note in someone's desk about something you value about them ~ send them love.  I personally don't believe the panhandler on the corner is Jesus, but I do know he needs love and just in case I'm wrong I'm sending it to him ;-)  

The list could go on and on but you get the idea.

Be the light.  Be the light throughout the day for yourself and for others around you.  That light is the soul, get out of the way and let it radiate.  It grows as you share it.  The world is full of songs, poems, books and quotes about love — and this is good — but what it needs most is deeds that express love.  So true.

Or does this turtle think he's Hank?

So maybe try this 'sharing love' thing for a day.  Sit in your awareness of how you feel.  Do you feel a little better?  Did you bring a smile to someone's face (I personally love the challenge, some are harder than others).  How do you think you made them feel just for that moment?  I guarantee you made a difference and you will probably never know how much, but doesn't your heart feel a little lighter for it?  You have great value and it's worth it!

So while my dog might think he's a turtle, Bless his heart, I know I am my soul.  I am here to love.

Love and Light,