Monday, March 5, 2012

Local Farmers Market

Hurray, A Local Farmers Market!! 
Freshly made crepes, tamales and many more goodies to enjoy while you shop

After my recent trip to Southern California I absolutely had to find a farmers market near home.  My daughter and I were so spoiled being able to go to a different farmers market everyday in SoCal and choose what we wanted to have for our meals each day.  What a treat it was!  So I got home and have been on a mission.  There are a few in the San Antonio, and New Braunfels area.  I started with San Antonio.  Much to my joy and relief I found The Quarry Farmers & Ranchers Market!  It is in the parking lot of The Quarry Market situated adjacent to Whole Paycheck (this is what we call Whole Foods Market).  In it I found quite a selection of vendors (be sure to check them out HERE).  Live music, wonderful organic fresh vegetables, fruits, pecans, beautiful live plants, gorgeous orchids, fresh pesto, granola, decadent pastries and earthy breads and the most wonderful beef filet!  There is plenty more here, those are just the items that caught my eye on my first visit.  Oh yes, I will be returning!

One of the things I love most about Farmers Markets is the friendly people you meet!  There is such a pride in what they do.  They are full of helpful hints for preparation and tons information.  You know exactly what you are getting and where it came from!

This Miss Patty, she's silly and fun!  
This darling lady that helps take the fear out of owning your very own miraculously beautiful orchid.

Just the sweetest couple ever!  
Don't go home without there delicious Basil & Parmesan Pesto and Roasted Garlic and Sun-Dried Tomato!!  YUM.

Beautiful variety of Granolas!

Take a quick trip to France!
Bring home gorgeous &  rustic Baguettes and Sweet Brioche

My beautiful bounty for the day!

Black Radishes!  They are huge and so beautiful!  
A little more bite than your normal radish and I can't wait to experiment with them.  Be sure to check out my favorite Radish Soup & Radish Dip on my other blog The Chef In My Head

 Fresh Beets, one of my favorite things!  
Check out my favorite beet recipe on my other blog The Chef In My Head

 Most unusual new veggie for me....Kohlrabi!
Kind of a cross between a cabbage (kohl) and rabi (turnip)

 Aren't these beautiful!  Elise and I bought these multiple times in California.  
I just love the sweetness of these when they are roasted or grilled!

So when you are in the area, please don't miss this market!  They are there every Sunday 9am - 1pm rain or shine!  I can't wait to see what they have as the weather continues to warm and things really get growing!  Maybe tomatoes, peppers, strawberries......the list of possibilities is endless!

Namaste ~ LeslieMichele