Thursday, January 12, 2012

Oh Crap......Oooo Awesome!

So I used to have this great little skirt.  I could throw it over my yoga shorts, my swimsuit, when I wanted to get comfortable, pretty much all the time I wore it..... UNTIL(wipe away slowly falling tear).  Until the one dreaded day that I drop a bit of bleach on it.  And seriously, I am not one of those women that can walk the model walk, you know the one, with one hand on one hip the other dangling seductively by my side (I needed the hand down past my left hip to hide the bleach spot).  I just can't pull that look off without looking like Quasimodo.  Don't think I didn't try though, because seriously I LOVE this skirt.  I know...I know, just buy another skirt Leslie you say.  Well that's not going to work this time.  For one it came from Athleta and for the life of me I have never found the gold it should be lined with for the price, for two they don't have it anymore (yes, of course I considered it) and three I'm saving up to spoil not 1 but 2 sweet grand-babies due in May!!

You look, I can't.

So I am your "Plan B" kinda girl and I was determined to find a way to artistically remedy this mishap.  Surely I could find a way to make my ooops look like it was part of the plan.  If bleach left one spot, it could leave more.

Oh for God's open your damn eyes, it's HUGE!!!

So I put this old piece of foam board inside it, kinda smoothed it out a bit, poured a bit of bleach into a cup, got out my handy dandy Q-tips and went to work in true zen-like fashion.

Exhibit A

So what do you think...tell the truth...okay you don't really have to.  I LOVE IT.  Got me a few paisley designs, got me a little flower power, a special bit of OMmmmm and a goovey peace sign just to round things out a bit.

What do ya think???

Find that bleach spot, I triple dog dare ya.

Namaste ~ LeslieMichele