Friday, January 13, 2012

Buddy ~ You're going down!!!

Pretty, you say?  Rat bastard, I say!!!

This is what I found diving in my koi pond this morning!!!   ERRRRR  It appears I still have all of our koi but all of our goldfish are gone!!  

So now I am bundling up, parka, hats (yes more than one), extra socks, you name it because of course it is only 31 degrees outside and I'm dealing with this stinking slimy, no good scavenger!!  Yes, he left a slime coating on the top of the pond because he's FILTHY!!

Yeah, you better start walking off!

What is that on your beak?  Fish scales, better not be!!

I admit he's kinda cool looking, he'll look even better
mounted on my wall!!

The netting I had last year to cover the pond is lining the circumference of the garden because the stinking deer were eating my veggies during the summer.  Ahhh, living in the country.  So now I am digging through plywood and trying to find something to put over the pond.  Ohh happy days. :-[

Yeah Buddy, Bring it!

Namaste, not today, I'll "honor" his dead rotting carcass!  ~ LeslieMichele