Friday, November 11, 2011

We Love Our Veterans

This Veteran's Day, we honor those who have so bravely served this country.

America is founded on the principle of freedom, justice, and liberty for all. Our nation's soldiers serve every day to protect our country and its ideals.
On Veteran's Day, take a sacred moment to remember the those who sacrifice their lives every moment to achieve peace and democracy.
Our family is so blessed and so proud to honor our special veterans that are part of our family and a couple that we love just as though they were actually a part of our family.  

Cole Taylor United States Army
Our son-in-law with our daughter Amber
on the day he returned from Iraq
They are expecting our grandchild in May!

We're so glad you're back home!
My daughter Elise Kirkpatrick United State Coast Guard
Served in Hawaii and California

I love you Sweetpea!
One of my proudest days, the day Elise graduated from Boot Camp
John Ellson, United States Coast Guard
Clockwise: my sweet grand baby, John day he deployed,  
Elise & John just before he took off
John is the  father of our grand baby they are expecting in May
(yes, you counted right, that's two grand babies we are expecting
in May)  
John is serving in Cuba now, come home soon John!!!

Jesse Brice Shurbet, Sr., United States Army
My husband's father(with his sweet mom Betty), I sincerely wish I had the honor of knowing
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for teaching your son/my incredible husband honor, integrity and love of family

Jesse Brice Shurbet III, United States Airforce
Our son, we love you Brice and are
super proud of you!
Served in Germany and is currently serving in Nevada

Ret. Lt. Col. Gordon Smith United States Army, WWII Veteran
We miss you terribly and were truly honored to know
you and love you

I love this picture of Gordon!

James Dwight Rudicil
United States Navy
World War II Veteran
My mother's Uncle Jimmy

As you go through your day today, when you see a soldier, please stop them and thank them.  Buy them a cup of coffee or treat them to lunch.  Remember, they would give up their life for you.

Happy Veteran's Day! ~ Leslie Michele