Saturday, October 22, 2011

Nothing a little chicken wire can't fix

It seems lately I simply have not been able to get my act together and get out of the door on time. Thus speeding, being frazzled, irritable and generally stressed out.   My sweet husband and  friends will attest to this but I am working on it. 

So..... I am repeating my positive affirmations (GET MY BUTT OUT OF THE DOOR ON TIME), changing clothes no more than 3 times before leaving the house, putting gas in my car ahead of time, reading the clock and doing the math backwards properly to calculate my departure time, putting my keys back where they belong so I can find the damn things and making an attempt to be ready early to relax for a few minutes before I have to leave (now there's an interesting concept).  

Realizing this is going to require organization, UHG, here is one of my projects I have completed solely for the purpose of getting my butt out of the door on time.

I'm thinking about replacing the chicken wire with a very loose crochet pattern in a yarn color to match my dressing area.  What do ya think??

Lovingly dedicated to:

My sweet husband that I get all cranky with
My wonderful friends that always say "It's okay, we just started drinking without you"
Grandma's I have tailgated and cursed because they were slowing my roll
Speed limits I have barreled through and cops I have double dared to stop me
And last but not least, to all of the folks that I may have stolen a parking place from.  I assure you I did it with love in my heart, I just didn't want my friends to start partying without me!  You understand, right?