Saturday, October 29, 2011

Armoire Project...It's a process Leslie, not an event!

I keep reminding myself, this is a rather large project and it's a process not an event.  It's going to take quite a while to get it finished but well worth I think.  The piece you see on the floor is actually the frame that sits on top.  My dear husband fashioned a piece of wood on top of it so I could display items on top when it is all together.  This armoire actually comes apart in five pieces.  The top frame, the center section with the drawers, each of the two closets and the base that the whole thing sits atop.  

Some may think I need my head examined for painting this lovely piece.  It was hand made in 1856 in England.  Beautiful carved flowers and leaves, gorgeous brass latches, locks, key holes and handles with lots of special detailing.  But I have had it for years and I'm really ready for a change.  It seems rather dark in our bedroom and once it is finished it will be a lovely Louis Blue and Off White with gilded details.  I can't wait to be finished!  I am however, reminding myself that this is a lesson in patience for me, quite a good lesson for me to learn.

My plan at the moment is to do the flowers in Off White with just a touch of gold details.

Top frame ~before

What I have learned about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is that looks pretty rough in the beginning stages.  It's a very matte finish before the waxes are added.  Don't fret, you will see, I haven't totally lost my mind.

This is the right side of the right closet.  I'll show you the insides later, they are very interesting.  One side is obviously the woman's side with a higher shelf to allow for her longer lovely dresses.  The rack inside pulls out for easy access.  The man's side is a much lower shelf to accommodate his handsome hats.  I love to imagine what this couple was like and wonder who they were.  I guess if the doors start rattling after I am completely finished I will know they didn't approve.  I think they will love it with a bit of French flair added to it!

The beginnings of the gold detailing.  Approximately 3 miles of this type of detailing.  Patience, Leslie, patience.

Gotta get back to work now!  

~Leslie Michele