Thursday, August 21, 2014

Furniture Redos

Aubusson Blue with Paris Grey wash
& Gold Leaf application 

Before & After

May seem like a rather strong color but this is for my Healing Room and I wanted fun colors!  

This was for my niece's room

This was quite a process (wish this was a better photograph).  Painted all over Paris Grey, details in Florence, including stencils.  All over wash of French Linen and then waxed with Clear Wax with Silver added to the wax.  It has a beautiful soft iridescent finish.  Most importantly Sydney loves it!

A long discussion was had about the condition of the top of the vanity before we started.  Since this is a pre-teen's room, subject to possible abuse (just being realistic), we decided to leave the veneer as is for now.  Her taste are very likely to change and we can do it next time around.

This was our project (among others) while my crazy sister Claire visited Texas.  Previously I had painted two matching stand alone cabinets for my parent's dining room in Paris Grey.  They liked them so much, they wanted their kitchen painted as well.  Took us a few days but we knocked it out.  After painting, the cabinets were then protected with a matte finish poly.

Wow, how did this get in here?  Harlow and my brand new grandson, Taj!

I wanted something else fun for my healing room.

This old blah piece was begging for something to take it out of it's misery.  Barcelona Orange with Clear wax mixed with Aubusson Blue.  Inside lid, Napoleonic Blue.  Inside cabinet a custom mix of Napoleonic Blue and Emperor's Silk to make a dark plum.  Stenciled in Napoleonic Blue.  Still shopping for fun hardware.

You're next Baby!

Last note:  There is a LOT of opinion and discussion about painting furniture and restoring old pieces.  From my perspective, and for my own pieces, I make that decision on a piece by piece basis. If it's worth restoring, then I believe in restoring it.  If on the other hand it is simply old, not superior quality and not a valuable antique then I have no problem having a little fun with it.  I don't do this for a business, I do it for fun!  And as my sweet husband says, "It's better than hanging out in bars."