Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Guest Room Redo ~ Part I (Dead Animal Room)

Say Bye-Bye Deer, boring linens, dark furniture!!
Fishing Rods to decorate with.... Really Jess?

I have had all I can possibly stand of this boring guest room aka Dead Animal Room!!  The boring brown linens, black furniture, dull dull dull.  Soon this dreary room will be transformed into the Spa Guest Room!  Dreary to Dreamy!!  Imagine the soft colors of sea glass with silver accents, bright white linens, white painted bed and dresser with silver mirror.  Silver bedside tables with decorative touches.  Reupholstered fabric covered bench and repainted legs.  Floor to ceiling drapes hung behind bed,  and new drapes to soften large window.  Replacing ceiling fan with a pretty chandelier and new rug for the floor.

I'm in love with this color palette!

$35 bucks for this mirror!

Project #1.  This mirror I found at Hausita Antiques in New Braunfels!  Stole it for 35 bucks!!  Love the lines, and love the large size!!  I removed the mirror from the back.  Super cleaned it with Denatured Alcohol that I picked up at The Home Depot.  Just poured some on a soft cloth and wiped away dust and dirt.  Spread out a drop cloth in the garage and sprayed with 2-3 coats of silver spray paint Rustoleum Silver Metallic Paint, letting dry about 20 minutes between coats. Let dry overnight. 

Love the result!  Super Shiney!!

Time to remount mirror and hang on the wall!!

Come back again for the continuing story of how to get rid of pesky deer!