Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Flannel Baby Rag Quilt

Sooo soft and perfect for our new grand-baby girl on the way!!

Like most of my ideas, the execution becomes a little larger than I anticipated.  This is certainly no different.  While roaming around Pinterest, as I am know to do...alright I am just slightly addicted..I found this cool blanket to make for one of our sweet grand-baby girls on the way.  Yes, you read right, there are two of them on the way, both in May.  My Daughter EliseNicole and Jess's daughter Amber are both due in May within 3 days of each other.  This blanket is for EliseNicole and I once I get the hang of it, or die trying, I will start one for Amber.  They better tell me they love them, lying is okay.  EliseNicole's baby style is a little different in that she really doesn't like pink.  You know the ones, the pinks we refer to as Monkey Bum, or Pepto Bismal or Bubblegum.  She's more of the BOHO style and her nursery is planned to ever detail.  Natural colors for walls, natural fibers and materials, think of jewel tones of ruby reds, emerald greens, blues of the ocean, sunset golds and you begin to get the idea.  No doubt, there will still be pink, it's just not the predominant color sceme.  In other words no Princess or Hello Kitty, you get the idea.

The reading nook she is putting together is probably my favorite area of the room.  A special area for snuggling in with lots of pillows of all different shapes and sizes, all made from gorgeous fabrics, a favorite old suitcase filled with old children's books and hopefully this *%$# blanket.

See, I don't really sew, problem numero uno.  Mind you, I am completely outfitted with all the right equipment, but I am learning by the seat of my pants.

Well, so far ~ so good.  Mostly.  I had originally planned to fill each stitch and piece of soft cozy fabric with love.  Instead, it appears it is filled with every bad word in my repitoure.  I'm working on that, I promise.  Now that I am getting the hang of things, it is getting much easier.  For someone that sews, this would be a piece of cake and really it's not that hard.  

Here is my progress so far, I'll get back to you with the final product and HERE at Do It Yourself Divas is the link for the place I got this idea.  And mine is going to look JUST LIKE THAT!!

Almost all of the fabric is cut!

Pattern made from Christmas paper

A fabric sandwich

It's coming together!!

Insert music from Friday The 13th movie
And yes, I do believe that hole could eat my hand, eeek!