Sunday, November 20, 2011

What does your day look like?

No, this is not not my brain!

My dear sweet husband and I got into quite a "discussion" about Christmas lights for the house (outside) and all of the trees in the front and back yard.  I absolutely wanted lights on the house again, I love them. But for the trees, I HATE DOING THEM!  Your hands feel like someone ran them through a grinder by the end of the day and you get dizzy walking around and around and around each tree.  And well, they must be perfect or truthfully they look like crap and why bother.  He will (usually) put them up but I HATE (strong word, but accurate) taking them down, I think it was March of last year, and don't you hate those people??  

See here's the thing, lately, I have become the HEB widow.  The dear sweet husband has been building a new HEB Plus in Boerne, TX and typically leaves the house around 5:30am and I don't see the whites (that's a lie, they are bloodshot and red) until around 9pm.  It's been this way for at least the last two to three months.  So you understand why Christmas lights have been a bit of a sore subject.

So the solution, find someone else to do it, CHEAP!  Because really, I was to the point that I was ready to chuck the whole idea and I have been quite comfortable with my Bah Humbug attitude, but he wanted lights.   Well I know what my great-grandparent use to say...People in Hell want ice water too!

I know, where's my Christmas spirit??  Don't even get me started on the indoor decorations. UHG!

So here's my plan.  I have decided that I LOVE Christmas lights, the season wouldn't be the same, the neighbors like it (they are all timed with music) and I do love it when they are on and it does have a magical forest sort of appeal.  Yes, I admit it I do love them and you better too dad gummit!

I promise today, I will work on my Christmas spirit it is after all NOT about me.  I will focus on the baby Jesus, and remember the reason for all the lights in the first place.  I will share love for each and every light bulb, whether it chooses to work or not.  And I will remember if I fall off of the ladder, that God must be trying to teach me humility.

Wish me luck!!

~Leslie Michele