Friday, October 14, 2011

So one day my sister called...

She told me to sit down, she was about to change my life.  Boy Howdy, she wasn't kidding!!

Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint IS changing my life!!  I have now spent invested hours and hours on line and the ideas just keep coming!  Everywhere I look there is something else I can paint/customize to my liking, but I needed a plan.

1. I bought a notebook to take down all my ideas, notes, samples, photos etc. (check)

2. I needed a source close to me to stock me with all the paint, waxes, brushes etc. (check)
I found my new sweet friend Jennifer with Woodley Cottage Finds & Designs!

coolest brushes evah!

3. And my first victim/piece of furniture. (check)
My computer ate my "before" pics, errrr.  It was from Bombay years ago and not my favorite design. Dark wood and not an ounce of pizzazz.  It has been moved from closet to closet since we moved to our new home over 4 years ago. 

This paint is the greatest stuff ever invented!  I did this project in one evening and loved it!

Do you like the little gold touches??

Well now she hanging out in my new Etsy Shop, and she's looking for a new home!